Board of Directors 2021

The Sunset Park Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) was created in 1995. It is a New York State registered not-for-profit corporation. The Board of Directors, who have volunteered to donate their time, plan the projects and programs necessary for accomplishing the BID's mission of creating a thriving 5th Avenue.

By Law, The Board of Directors consists of Property Owners (Class A), Business Owners (Class B), one Resident (Class C), and Representatives of City Government (Class D).

Executive Committee

Chair- Richard Villar,  Class A

Vice Chair - Delvis Valdes. Class A

Treasurer - Miguel Hernandez, Class A

Secretary - Tim Chang, Class A

Past President: Albert Mitrani

Past President: Mike Saez

Past President: Ike Shauli

Class A - Property Owners

Class B - Business Owner

Timmy Chang
Miguel Hernandez                
Albert Mitrani: (Alt: Jonathan Mitrani)  Ike Shauli   

Alice Sorensen-Bauman 

Delvis Valdes 

Mario Valdes

Richard Villar 

Z&Y LLC (Alt: Edgar Alvarez)           

Jessica Klaus- L'Wren Bar
Kim Moore- Cricket Wireless
Sincere Urgent Care

Class C - Resident

Julixa Campusano

Class D - Government Officials

Office of the Mayor - represented by the Commissioner of the Department of NYC Small Business Services - Representative Zach Owens

Office of the Comptroller 

Office of the Brooklyn Borough President 

Office of the 38th District City Councilmember - Alexa Aviles